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Everyone needs to laugh from time to time.  Happy Times Variety Show will do just that.  We created this mainly to entertain seniors in facilities that had strict mask guidelines but have found that it has become popular enough to offer it on a bigger scale. We do not have flashy lights to use so it is nothing extravagent. We are simple people playing simple music. 


We play music (DJ style) that ranges from Country - Gospel - Folk - 50's Rock n Roll - Patriotic - Big Band - Cowboy - Pop and songs from 1800's and up.  Currently we are just playing the music DJ style but hope to add voices and guitars at a later time

While playing the music we also utilize a variety of rhythm instruments.  These range from a washboard, bongo type drums, shakers, guiro, cabasa, tambourine and so much more. 


We utilize props from time to time that will bring a smile to your face. This can range from jokes, puppets, ventriloquism, magic illusions and who knows what else we will come up with. 


We are family oriented. We base the music on your event and what is needed.  When we can all get together there can even be some dancing if you want.  


We are available for parties, senior retirement facilities or special events.  Our regular program at this time is 45 minutes to 1 hour.  We can do longer if requested. 


Contact Cindy at 217-652-0423 to set your date


Check back often for more pictures as we get them

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